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  1. Why have a "links site"?
    I started this site (as linkgurl's links database) in January of 2002 to collect the links to sites that I wanted to remember. Since Alias was a fairly new show at that time, I started a separate collection of links to those sites. Then, when I couldn't find any one place with all of my favorite Buffy and Angel links, I started a separate collection of those, too.
  2. Why not just have a page at delicious, tumblr, etc.?
    When I started this site, those weren't around. Now that they are, I've taken advantage of their easy-to-use technology and double-posted many of our links at
  3. What will I find in the _____ tag at archive47?
    I tried to name the tags to be self-explanatory such as Christmas, pictures, and news, but a few of the potentially cryptic ones are:
    * archived - a page that's been archived at the Internet Archive
    * faves - favorites, sites that I visit often
    * linkset - a page with links to other sites
    * media - the catch-all phrase I use to indicate movie, TV, music, etc. streaming or data
    * RealLife - information for real life, such as recipes and health topics
  4. Why are some of the network's pages located off-site?
    I have other websites which I spend much time updating, and cross-linking to their content from here lets me offer a wider range of updated content.
  5. Why did you downsize the site?
    My Real Life has grown very busy, and I just don't have the time to keep an extensive list of links checked, corrected, etc. So, I scaled back the site to a form that's more manageable.
  6. Where can I find a site that was once listed here? Is the old version of the site available?
    Yes, the old version of the site is still available - check the Archive - and that is where you can find the sites/links/categories that were listed here once upon a time.
  7. Did you know that _____ link wasn't working?
    No, I didn't. (It was working when last I checked!) Please report the broken link by replying at the links forum.
  8. What earns a site a Must Visit rating (on the Alias page)?
    First of all, the site should have a good selection of original content. It should have a nice layout with no pop-up ads, and it should have been updated at least in the last two or so years. If you'd like to suggest a site for consideration as a Must Visit, please send me the site's information. (See question #10 for ways you can suggest a site.)
  9. What if I don't agree that the sites you list are "notable" or "Must Visit"?
    Well, since we all have different tastes, it's bound to happen that some of us won't agree on what constitutes a good site. Please let me know what sites you find notable, and who knows, maybe I'll agree and add them. (See the next question and answer for ways you can suggest a site.)
  10. How do I suggest a site to be added to the database?
    To suggest an Alias site to be listed here, make sure the site meets all of the requirements listed on the Suggest A Site page, and use the submission form (on that same page) to send me the site's information. Or, share a non-spam "Extras" site -- such as a non-profit personal or fan website, blog, group, forum, etc. -- in the appropriate section of our Links Forum.
  11. Why hasn't _____ site been listed?
    There are two likely reasons: 1) The site does not meet all of the requirements listed on the Suggest A Site page, or 2) I haven't had the time to add it yet. As noted in question/answer #5, I have a very busy Real Life, but I will attempt to add valid sites in a timely manner. If a few weeks have passed, it's possible that I didn't receive the submission form. Feel free to send the site's info again.
  12. Why was _____ site's listing removed?
    When I check the links, a listing is typically removed for one of the following reasons: the link returns a File Not Found error; the site hasn't been updated for years; the site has very little content.
  13. Where would I find the credits/sources who helped make this layout possible?
    Right here. The site's current layout is from a style sheet by Dave Shea with modifications by Matthew Mullenweg and One Fine Jay. I found the style sheet as part of a free blog layout and modified it *heavily* for use here with the CSS/XHTML help of:, HTMLDog, HTMLGoodies, the W3 tutorials, and the W3 Validator.
  14. Why does archive47 say that it's "Chez's Bookmarks"?
    Because I hardly ever register for a free account using my real name.
  15. Did this site ever have another name?
    Yes, we were formerly known as linkgurl's links database..
  16. What happened to linkgurl?
    She retired. ;) My name is Anne, and I'll be your linkmistress.
  17. How can I contact you?
    * To suggest a site to be listed here, see the answer to Question #10 on this page.
    * Share your comments on TV, movies, etc. at the forums, which I visit at least once every few days, as real life permits.
    * Or, write to me at admin^, but put links database in the subject line, or it will get filtered out as trash. Repeat: the subject line *must* be links database. Sorry to be so picky, but this will make it stand out from all the spam I get. (And, of course, be sure to change it to the proper form for an address.)
    * If you want to know more about me - or if you're just really bored - check out the complete list of sites I run, by visiting

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