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Alias the spy television series

Alias was a TV action drama that followed the adventures of super-spy Sydney Bristow. The series ran from 2001 to 2006 on the ABC network.

This page began as a catalog of online show guides, news updates and fan dedications.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the quickest way for you to connect with Alias content of interest is to search the Internet. To that end, below are a few tips for Alias-related searches.
* Because the word alias has various other associations, include a reference to television in your search: "Alias the TV show" or "Alias the series."
* Specify a type of information -- episode title, character name, etc. -- to target your search even further: Alias the series episode recaps, Alias Almost Thirty Years quotes, Alias TV show trivia, and so forth.

List of Alias Websites

The list below was assembled long ago (mostly when Alias was on the air) and so many of the websites have closed, moved, or been abandoned.

To see whether a site is still accessible, search for it by name; the original URL is provided for reference.

CAUTION: Surf at your own risk! You may be wasting your time. Even worse, some of those old sites could now be home to programs that harm your computer/device. "Be careful out there..."

URL: http://www.neloo.com/alias/index.html
SITE NAME: alias.fannesite

URL: http://alias-tv.com/
SITE NAME: Alias - the TV show

URL: http://www.alanistic.co.uk/alias/index.htm
SITE NAME: A Free Agent

URL: http://www.episodelist.com/shows/alias/48
SITE NAME: EpisodeList.com: Alias

URL: http://the_warehouse_clan.tripod.com/
SITE NAME: The Warehouse Clan

URL: http://www.dmoz.org/Arts/Television/Programs/Dramas/Alias/
SITE NAME: Alias section, dmoz directory

URL: http://www.epguides.com/Alias/
SITE NAME: Alias section, EpGuides.com

URL: http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0285333/
SITE NAME: Alias section, IMDb.com

URL: http://alias.tktv.net/
SITE NAME: Alias section, tktv.net

URL: http://www.tv.com/shows/alias/
SITE NAME: Alias section, tv.com

URL: http://tvmegasite.net/prime/shows/alias/
SITE NAME: Alias section, TV Mega site

URL: http://www.tvrage.com/Alias
SITE NAME: Alias section, tvrage.com

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alias_%28TV_series%29
SITE NAME: Alias section, Wikipedia

Alias Cast & Characters
Who's who?

URL: http://www.rusted-crush.com/bristow/
SITE NAME: Deep Cover (Jack Bristow)

URL: http://jen-garner.net/wp/
SITE NAME: Jen-Garner.net

URL: http://www.celebopedia.net/garner/
SITE NAME: JG Online Shrine

URL: http://ilia1029.tripod.com/jennifergarnerhomepage2/
SITE NAME: Jennifer Garner home page

URL: http://www.kevinweisman.com/
SITE NAME: KevinWeisman.com

URL: http://michael-vartan.net/
SITE NAME: Michael-Vartan.net

URL: http://iliabrady.tripod.com/michaelvartanhomepage/index.html
SITE NAME: michael vartan homepage

URL: http://sydneybristow.tripod.com/main.htm
SITE NAME: sydneybristow.tripod.com

URL: http://bradley-cooper.org/
SITE NAME: bradley-cooper.org

URL: http://www.victor-garber.com/
SITE NAME: victor-garber.com

Alias International
Alias around the world

URL: http://alias-fever.de.vu/
SITE NAME: Alias Fever

URL: http://alias.hypnoweb.net/
SITE NAME: Alias Hypnoweb

URL: http://www.aliasitalia.it/
SITE NAME: aliasitalia.it

URL: http://www.onemorething.it/alias/
SITE NAME: Alias Italian Agency

URL: http://aiw.altervista.org
SITE NAME: Alias Italian World

URL: http://www.inthemoonlight.com/aliasfile/
SITE NAME: Alias -- Le Dossier
Sydney Bristow

URL: http://www.alias-news.de/
SITE NAME: alias-news.de

URL: http://www.telefilm-central.org/2009/07/22/alias-episodi-stagione-1
SITE NAME: Double Life

URL: http://fandalias.over-blog.com/

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