Laugh Lines, Love Lines


Willow: Please. Please... Bring her back-
Demon: You may not violate the laws of natural passing-
Willow: How? How is this natural?
Demon: It is a human death, by human means.
Willow: But I-
Demon: You raised one killed by mystical forces. This is not the same -- she is taken by natural order. It is done.

Andrew: He will. He's just coming up with a plan. Like in "War Games", remember? That decoder Matthew Broderick used?
Jonathan: Oh, yeah. That was rad. The one he made from the scissors and tape recorder?
Andrew: I miss "Ferris" Matthew. "Broadway" Matthew - I find him cold.

Jonathan: What do you mean - what do I mean? You guys were totally going to fly off and leave me holding the bag-
Andrew: We were not! I was going to carry you.

Warren: Had my own guys, the Trio - you've heard of us-
Rack: Right. What were you, a band or something?
Warren: I thought word traveled in the underworld. We were evil? Robots were my thing. You didn't hear about the freeze ray?

Rack: I can't guarantee anything. Not this time. The girl is running on fury. Never felt anything like it.
Warren: Thanks for the tip. Nostradamus.

Xander: You've got to stop doing this. I mean the dying thing is funny once. Maybe twice-

Buffy: And we'll catch him - and he'll go to jail. Believe me, I'm finding the whole getting shot very motivating.

Xander: You made the decision to stop for a reason. You promised us. And can I just ask - what's with the make-over of the damned? I mean, the hair-

Willow: He hit Tara. When he shot you, he hit her too. Upstairs. In my room.
Buffy: Oh my God-
Willow: Guess the last shot was the charm.
Xander: She's dead?
Willow: She's dead. And now he's dead.

Dawn: I do. And you should too. He killed Tara - and he nearly killed you. He needs to pay.
Xander: Out of the mouths of babes.

Buffy: Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. We can't control the universe. If we were supposed to, the magic wouldn't change Willow the way it does. And we'd be able to bring Tara back...
Dawn: And mom.
Buffy: There are limits to what we can do. There should be. Willow doesn't want to believe it - and now she's messing with forces that want to hurt her. All of us.
Xander: I just - I've had blood on my hands all day. Blood from people I love.
Buffy: I know. And now it has to stop. Warren's going to get what he deserves. I promise you. But I won't let Willow destroy herself.

Clem: Or we could rent videos. I've been dying to see The Wedding Planner.

Anya: I don't need a spell. I can feel her.
Xander: You can...
Anya: Feel her. Her thirst for vengeance, it's overwhelming.
Xander: Is that like, left over, from your vengeance demon days? That you can sense her?
Anya: Not left over.

Xander: Not exactly. Seems Anya got her vengeance on again.
Buffy: Oh.
Xander: So Willow's all wrathy - why don't you go to her? Isn't that your gig?

Xander: If you know where she is - you can help us.
Anya: I'll help. But I'm helping Willow.

Willow: Oh. You mean, instead of killing my best friend you killed my girlfriend-

Warren: God - women. You're just like the rest of them. Mind games-
Willow: Now you get off on it. That's why you had such a mad-on for the slayer. She was the big O - wasn't she, Warren?

Warren: When you get caught - you'll lose them too. Your friends. You don't want that. I know... You're in pain but-
Willow: Bored now.

Xander: Oh my God.
Buffy: Willow - no... What did you do?
Willow: One down.

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