Laugh Lines, Love Lines

The Girl in Question  

Gunn: We need to act on this now.
Angel: Not without a full risk analysis. We don't want to be rushing into this thing half-cocked.
Gunn: As opposed to the full-cock that's been working so well for us?

Gunn: Spike, this is a delicate matter that needs to be handled with a lot of finesse - [to Angel] and why the hell are we talkin' to him?

Spike: I don't even speak the language.
Angel: We'll get you a book.
Spike (to Gunn): How do you say "wank off" in Italian?

Angel: The Immortal.
Gunn: The who?
Spike: The foulest evil hell ever vomited forth.
Harmony: Worse than you?

Angel: Doesn't concern you, Spike.
Spike: I just wanna see you happy. Well, not too happy, 'cause then I'd have to stake you. Second thought, have at it.

Angelus: Go ahead. Take your best shot. I'll snatch your little wee sticks out of the air and spend the next fortnight shoving 'em slowly up your arse.
[The guards flee.]
William: Can you really do that?
Angelus: The arrow thing? I don't know. Never tried.

Illyria: I can no longer hear the song of the green.
Lorne (to Wesley): You think that includes me?

Illyria: This fate is worse than death. Condemned to live out existence in a vessel incapable of sustaining my true glory. How am I to function with such limitation?
Lorne: Have you ever tried a Sea Breeze?

Andrew: My casa was incinerated when that thing happened.
Spike: What thing?
Andrew: Cultural misunderstanding: let us speak of more pleasant times.

Angelus: Did he hurt you?
Darla: Not until I asked him to.

Spike (about Buffy): She's smarter than that.
Angel: She'd never fall for a centuries-old guy with a dark past, who may or may not be evil.

Spike: I had a relationship with her, too!
Angel: Okay, sleeping together is not a relationship.
Spike: It is if you do it enough times.

Angel: Actually, it's just "Angel."
Ilona: Ah, yes, of course, the gypsies, they gave you your soul. The gypsies are filthy people [she spits] and we shall speak of them no more!

Angel: I stopped Acathla. That saved the world.
Spike: Buffy ran you through with a sword.
Angel: Yeah, but I made her do it. I signaled her with my eyes.
Spike: She killed you. I helped her - that one counts as mine.

Wesley: Did you get what you needed from that experience?
Illyria (posing as Fred): Yes. It was most informative.
Wesley: Good. Don't ever do it again.

Ilona: Now, what happened to the drop? No grazie, prego, kiss-kiss?
Angel: Grazie, prego ... kaboom.

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