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The Weight of the World  

Spike: We've got to do something! I can't just sit here watching. You waste time with kid gloves. I'm willing to gamble when all's said and done - Buffy likes it rough.

Willow: Buffy's out. Glory has Dawn. Sometime real soon she's gonna use Dawn to tear down the barrier between every dimension there is so if you two want to fight, you do it after the world ends. 'kay? Alright. First, we head back to Sunnydale. Xander'll take Giles to a hospital. Anya's looking after Tara, and Spike, you find Glory. Check her apartment, first, see if she's still there. Try anything stupid like payback and I will get very cranky. Everyone clear? Or do we have questions?

Spike: Uh, Will? Now, uh, don't turn me into a horned toad for asking, but -

Spike: Is everyone here very stoned?

Willow: So, Ben and Glory are... the same person?
Xander: Glory can turn into Ben, and Ben turns back into Glory.
Anya: And anyone who sees it instantly forgets.
Spike: And a kewpie doll for the lady.
Giles: Excellent. Now. Do we suspect there could be any kind of link between Ben and Glory?

Willow: Hey. I know you. You're that first original Slayer who tried killing us all in our dreams. How've you been?

Willow: No. And I think we already deja'd this vu.
Bitty Buffy: You talk funny.
Willow: Yes, as you'll tell me again when we're older, and in chem class.

Xander: Ben is Glory!
Doc: Who's what?
Spike: Look at this. Special Ed remembers.

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