Laugh Lines, Love Lines

The Price  

Groo: You and I have fought side by side on more than one occasion -- Fellow warriors, shoulder to shoulder. By now, my counsel must assuredly hold weight, so I beseech you to heed my words...
Angel: Mmo-kay.
Groo: "Pomegranate Mist" is the wrong color for this room.
Angel: What?

Groo: "Sunburst splendor" is a hue more worthy of a champion. Or perhaps this unique one called... "Purr-Pleh."
Angel: Purple. And yet you had no problem pronouncing "Pomegranate."
Groo: It was my mother's name.

Angel: Don't know why I bought this for him. A whim, I guess... Thought he'd like to look at it. The snow. Doesn't ever snow in Southern California.
Cordelia: Did, once.

Cordelia: Tried soaking it out, tried scrubbing it out... No question, we got ring around the lobby. I say we toss in the towel and buy a big ass throw rug. Who's with me?

Groo: This "Ebola" is a weapon? Forged in magic?
Lorne: Forged in monkey poo.

Groo: It has vanished. Like the glass eels of the Krag Swamps in UxenBlarg. Just making an observation.

Groo: This weapon will serve me better.
Angel: Little big for our purposes, isn't it?
Groo: I have had no complaints.

Angel: But at least we have one advantage.
Cordelia: What, they glow in the dark? How's that supposed to help us, unless we shut off all the lights in the -- holy crap you're not serious.

Lorne: Y'know, this space is one part hum, two parts dinger. Ever think of turning it into a nightclub? Hey. Missing the life. Sue me.

Fred: Oh, it really doesn't like you.
Angel: Feeling's mutual.

Angel: Work with me, Fred. Make it answer me. What do you want here?
Fred: To live... To live... To drink...And be merry.

Wesley: I was dying. I knew it laying in that dirty field, life pouring out of my throat. Do you know why I fought to stay alive?
Gunn: Wes, I don't have time--!
Wesley: I needed to live to see my friends again. To explain to the people I trusted... and loved... my side of what happened.
Gunn: We know what--
Wesley: You don't know anything. I'll help because it's Fred. But just so we understand each other... Don't ever come here again. None of you are welcome here.

Lorne: Okay, unless anyone else has something, let me be the first to say WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?
Angel: Cordelia.

Cordelia: Well, demonness, anyway. Sure beats horns and a tail.
Lorne: Hey. I'm standing right here.

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