Laugh Lines, Love Lines

The House Always Wins  

Angel: I know you're there - watching me.
Cordelia: Oh my god! Angel, you can hear me? I so love you! You don't know what it's been like!
Fred: We weren't spying.
Cordelia: Ah, for crap's sake.

Angel: I just thought we could all use a little getaway to decompress. I know I haven't had a vacation in a while - not counting my recent ocean cruise.

Fred: They must think it's all makeup - like the blue man group. You don't think the blue man group...
Angel: Only two of them.

Lorne: Hey! Love ya.
Fred: We love you t... Wait. That was him being superficial, wasn't it?

Gunn: Hey, if it'll make my honey feel better, put her mind at ease, my fun can wait.
Fred: It's because you're out of chips isn't it?
Gunn: Yeah.

Angel: This place was so much friendlier when the mob ran it.

Gunn: Man. Heads of state don't get this much security. Something's starting to feel a lot 'not right' about his.
Fred: That's what I've been saying - only with better grammar.

Lorne: Fluffy! Fluffy, the dog? The dog you don't have? The universally recognized code for 'I'm being held prisoner. Send help.'
Fred: Oh. Okay. I'm hip now.

Gunn: Right. And I'm your friend.
Angel: I know. I'm not stupid.

Spencer: He's won a little over three hundred thousand dollars - and a car.
Lorne: Pretty good haul for somebody with no destiny, huh?

Gunn: Angel?
Angel: You're my friend. I know. I'm not stupid.

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