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Xander: Hopes? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. There are no hopes. Anya and I are done. I love being single. I'm a strong, successful male who is giddy at the thought of all the women I will no doubt be dating in the near future.
Buffy: Strong, successful males say "giddy"?

Olaf: Ha, ha, ha! Sweet Aud! Your logic is insane and happenstance, like that of a troll. It is no wonder that the bar matrons talk of you.

Buffy: Spike. This basement is killing you. This is the hellmouth. There is something bad down here, possibly everything bad.

Willow: For God's sake, shut your whimpering mouth!

Village Man: Run! Hide your babies and your beadwork!

Village Man: The troll is doing an Olaf impersonation!
Troll: I am Olaf!
Village Man: Hit him with fruits and various meats.

Anya: I am Aud.
D'Hoffryn: Are you? Hmm. I'm afraid you don't see your true self. You are Anyanka. I'm a patron of a family of sorts. We're vengeance demons. I'm sure you've heard of us.

Olaf: Come here tiny man. You are small and toy like.

Anya: Vengeance.
D'Hoffryn: But only to those who deserve it.
Anya: They all deserve it.
D'Hoffryn: That's where I was going with that, yeah.

Willow: Anya, listen to me. You're in trouble. You know it. I'm here to help you.
Anya: You're here to - Well, that's great, Willow. Flayed anybody lately, have you? How quickly they forget!

Buffy: Xander. It's OK. She didn't tell us for a reason. She didn't tell us because she knows what I have to do. I have to kill Anya.

Anya: I'm talking about life. Vengeance is what I do, Halfrek. I don't need anything else. Vengeance is what I am.

Xander: There are other options.
Buffy: I've considered them.
Xander: When? Just now? Took you all of ten seconds to decide to kill one of your best friends?
Buffy: The thought that it might come to this has occurred to me before. It's occurred to you, too.

Xander: Then don't! This isn't new ground for us. When our friends go all crazy and start killing people, we help them.

Buffy: I know. And that's why you can't see this for what it really is. Willow was different. She's a human. Anya's a demon.
Xander: And you're the Slayer. I see now how it's all very simple.
Buffy: It is never simple.
Xander: No, of course not. You know, if there's a mass-murdering demon that you're, oh, say, boning, then it's all gray area.
Buffy: Spike was harmless. He was helping.
Xander: He had no choice.
Buffy: And Anya did! She chose to become a demon. Twice.

Buffy: I killed Angel! Do you even remember that? I would have given up everything I had to be with - I loved him more than I will ever love anything in this life. And I put a sword through his heart because I had to.
Willow: And that all worked out OK.
Buffy: Do you remember cheering me on? Both of you. Do you remember giving me Willow's message: Kick his ass.
Willow: I never said that!

Buffy: It is always different! It's always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line, and that is always going to be me. You get down on me for cutting myself off, but in the end the Slayer is always cut off. There's no mystical guidebook. No all-knowing council. Human rules don't apply. There's only me. I am the law.
Xander: There has to be another way.
Buffy: Then please find it.

D'Hoffryn: I figured I'd be hearing from you soon. The flaying of Warren Meers? Oh, truly inspired. That was water cooler vengeance. Lloyd has a sketch of it on his wall.
Willow: That's not me anymore.
D'Hoffryn: Is that right? So, I didn't feel your presence earlier today? I didn't feel a bit of the old you?

Anya: Everyone is so considerate today. I should've slaughtered people weeks ago.

Xander: Did everybody have their crazy flakes today? You guys are friends. How could you talk like this?
Anya: I have a job to do. And so does Buffy. Xander, you've always seen what you wanted to. But you knew, sooner or later, it would come to this.

Anya: This is getting to be a pattern with you, Buffy. Are there any friends of yours left you haven't tried to kill?

D'Hoffryn: It's like somebody slaughtered an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

D'Hoffryn: Actually, funny historical side-bar, her original name was -
Anya: I wanna take it back.

D'Hoffryn: Who did you think you were dealing with? Did you think it would be that easy to get away?
Anya: Why?
D'Hoffryn: Why? Because you wished it!

Anya: You should've killed me.
D'Hoffryn: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. From beneath you, it devours. Be patient. All good things in time.

Anya: Yes, I should. My whole life, I've just clung to whatever came along.
Xander: Well, speaking as a clingee - I kinda didn't mind.
Anya: Thanks. For everything.

Anya: Xander - what if I'm really nobody?
Xander: Don't be a dope.
Anya: I'm a dope?
Xander: Sometimes.
Anya: That's a start.

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