Laugh Lines, Love Lines


Willow: It is nice. He's great. We have a lot of fun. But I want smoochies!
Buffy: Have you dropped any hints?
Willow: I've dropped anvils.

Buffy: Well, none of them know a thing. They all get an 'F' in Willow.
Willow: But I want Oz to get an 'A', and, oh, one of those gold stars.

Willow: Great. I'll give Xander a call. What's his number? Oh, yeah, 1- 800-I'm-Dating-A-Skanky-Ho.
Buffy: Meow!
Willow: Really? Thanks. I've never gotten a 'meow' before.

Giles: Meaning the accepted legend that werewolves only prowl during a full moon might be erroneous.
Cordelia: Or it could be a crock.

Cordelia: I think you splashed on just a little too much 'Obsession For Dorks'.

Willow: Don't forget, you're supposed to be a meek little girlie-girl like the rest of us.
Buffy: Spoil my fun.

Giles: Quite. And it, uh, acts on-on pure instinct. No conscience, uh, uh, predatory and, and aggressive.
Buffy: In other words, your typical male.
Xander: On behalf of my gender, hey!

Giles: Yes, let's not jump to any conclusions.
Buffy: I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.

Cordelia: What's he waiting for? What's his problem? Oh, that's right, he's a guy.
Willow: Yeah, him and Xander. Guys.
Cordelia: Who do they think they are?
Willow: A couple of guys.

Oz: Aunt Maureen. Hey, it's me. Um, what? Oh! It's, uh... actually it's healing okay. That's pretty much the reason I called. Um, I wanted to ask you something. Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh-huh. And how long has that been going on? Uh-huh. What? No, no reason. Um... Thanks. Yeah, love to Uncle Ken.

Willow: On account of once you were a hyena?
Xander: I know what it's like to crave the taste of freshly killed meat, to be taken over by those uncontrollable urges.
Buffy: You said you didn't remember anything about that.

Buffy: Welcome to the mystery that is men. I think it goes something like, they grow body hair, they lose all ability to tell you what they really want.

Willow: Well, I like you. You're nice and you're funny. And you don't smoke. Yeah, okay, werewolf, but that's not all the time. I mean, three days out of the month I'm not much fun to be around either.
Oz: You are quite the human.

Oz: A werewolf in love.

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