Laugh Lines, Love Lines


Willow: Why is she so Evita-like?
Buffy: I think it's the hair.
Willow: It weighs heavy on the cerebral cortex.

Xander: Oh, the spiders! Willow's been kind of, um, what's the word I'm looking for? Insane about what happened yesterday.
Willow: I don't like spiders, okay? Their furry bodies, and their sticky webs, and what do they need all those legs for anyway? I'll tell you: for crawling across your face in the middle of the night. Ewww! How do they not ruffle you?

Xander: I'm not worried. If there's something bad out there we'll find, you'll slay, we'll party!

Willow: Xander! What happened to your...?!
Xander: I-I-I dunno! I was, uh, dressed a minute ago! It's a dream. It's gotta be a dream. Ow! Wake up. Ow! Gotta wake up.

Giles: Dreams? That would be a musical comedy version of this. Nightmares, our, our nightmares are coming true.

Xander: Alright! Someone else's loss is my chocolatey goodness.

Xander: You are a lousy clown! Your balloon animals are pathetic! Everyone can make a giraffe!

Buffy: Well, we better hurry... 'cause I'm getting hungry.
Xander: That is a... joke, right?

Buffy: Scary! I'll tell you something, though. There are a lot scarier things than you. And I'm one of them.

Willow: When Buffy was a vampire, you weren't still, like, attracted to her, were you?
Xander: Willow, how can you... I mean, that's really bent! She was... grotesque!
Willow: Still dug her, huh?
Xander: I'm sick, I need help.
Willow: Don't I know it.

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