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Many thanks to Kathleen (this site's creator) for doing such a great job with the site, and for letting me keep it open.

Many, many thanks to the site visitors who contribute material, corrections, etc. You guys rock!

Thanks to the cast, crew, producers, etc. who worked to make Angel and BtVS such exceptional shows.

We are partnered with Angel's Secrets to bring you more Angel (and Buffy) goodness.

Our host is www.neloo.com.

BuffyWorld.com - I used their excellent transcripts on more than one occasion to check and supplement the quotes pages for Angel Season Five. (Note: the link wasn't working when last I checked, but I'll still give them credit.)

The Late Show Top Ten - Some of my top tens are tweaked versions of sets from my hero, David Letterman. (Note: CBS did away with the Top 10 archive at their site, but again, I still owe Dave credit.)

The site's current layout is from a style sheet by Dave Shea with modifications by Matthew Mullenweg, One Fine Jay, and Anne Bristow. I found the style sheet as part of a free blog layout and modified it *heavily* for use here with the CSS/XHTML help of: HTMLDog, HTMLGoodies, the W3 tutorials, and the W3 Validator. The "display of admiration" part of our disclaimer is a modified version of one found at the (now closed) Got-Coffee.net.

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If you feel that your work has not been properly credited, please let me know and the material in question will be promptly amended or removed.

The Buffy-verse can be a pretty dark place; when my world starts to feel that way, I appreciate an encouraging word.

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