Laugh Lines, Love Lines

What's My Line, Part 2  

Buffy: You know. No kick-o, no fight-o?

Kendra: Oh. Dey call me Kendra. I have no last name, sir.
Buffy: Can you say 'stuck in the 80's'?

Giles: Not to my knowledge. Um, th-the new Slayer is only called after the previous Slayer has died. Uh... Oh, good Lord! You were dead, Buffy.
Buffy: I was only gone for a minute.

Kendra: She died?
Buffy: Just a little.

Willy: What are you gonna do with him anyway?
Spike: I'm thinkin' maybe dinner and a movie. I don't want to rush into anything. I've been hurt, you know.

Buffy: I don't take orders. I do things my way.
Kendra: No wonder you died.

Willow: There's a Slayer handbook?
Buffy: Wait. Handbook? What handbook? How come I don't have a handbook?
Willow: Is there a T-shirt, too? 'Cause that would be cool...

Willow: Oh, that's Oz. He's expressing computer nerd solidarity.

Xander: Who sponsored career day today? The British Soccer Fan Association?

Xander: A Slayer, huh? I knew this 'I'm the only one, I'm the only one' thing was just an attention-getter.

Buffy: You and bug people, Xander. What's up with that?
Xander: No, but this dude was completely different than praying mantis lady. He was a man *of* bugs, not a man who *was* a bug.

Buffy: Angel. He's Drusilla's sire.
Xander: Man, that guy got major neck in his day!

Willow: Don't worry, Buffy, we'll save Angel.
Kendra: Angel? But our priority is to stop Drusilla!
Xander: Angel's our friend! Except I don't like him.

Buffy: Good. 'Cause I've had it. Spike is going down. You can attack me, you can send assassins after me, that's fine. But nobody messes with my boyfriend!

Giles: There are forty-three churches in Sunnydale? That seems a little excessive.
Willow: It's the extra evil vibe from the Hellmouth. Makes people pray harder.

Kendra: Did anyone explain to you what 'secret identity' means?
Buffy: Nope. Must be in the handbook.

Buffy: It's your lucky day, Spike.
Kendra: Two Slayers!
Buffy: No waiting!

Kendra: Dat's me favrit shirt! Dat's me *only* shirt!

Oz: And you know the monkey's just, 'I mock you with my monkey pants!'

Kendra: Mm. Am not tellin' me Watcher about dat. It is too strange dat a Slayer loves a vampire.
Buffy: Tell me about it.
Kendra: Still, he is pretty cute.

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