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Hell's Bells  

Buffy: I'm Buffy the bridesmaid.

Willow: Duty-schmooty. I'm s'posed to be the best man. Shouldn't I be all Marlene Dietrichy in a dashing tuxedo number?
Buffy: No, cuz that would be totally unfair. We all must participate equally in the cosmic joke of bridesmaids-dom.

Xander: Aw man. What if it doesn't? What if I can't wear my cummerbund and the whole world sees the place where my pants meet my shirt? That can't happen Buffy! I must wear das cummerbund!

Buffy: You look really great, Mr. About-to-get-married. You're glowing. Omigod, Xander. Maybe you're pregnant!

Xander: Now, let's go over the checklist one more time. Number one?
Buffy: Don't let your dad near the bar.
Xander: Check. Number two?
Buffy: Don't let your mom near the bar.

Buffy: Haven't met. She seems like a very nice attempt at making me jealous.
Spike: Is it working?
Buffy: Yes. It doesn't change anything, but if you're wildly curious, yeah, it hurts.
Spike: I'm sorry. Or... Good!

Buffy: Go where? To your place?
Spike: Yeah I suppose... that was the idea.
Buffy: Yeah.
Spike: Evil.
Buffy: Of course.

Spike: It's nice, watching you be happy. For them, even. I don't see it a lot. You, um... you glow.
Buffy: That's because my dress is radioactive.

Willow: I'll say this for the Y chromosome: looks good in a tux.
Xander: Your double X's aren't doing so bad there, either.

Willow: It's a good thing I realized I was gay. 'Cause otherwise, hey, you, me and formal wear...

Tara: Sex poodle?
Anya: Yeah, why?
Tara: Uh, I'm not sure you should say 'sex poodle' in your vows.
Anya: Huh.

D'Hoffryn: Halfrek, you know I love all my demons equally.

Anya: I'm tired of crying. I'm just so tired, D'Hoffryn.
D'Hoffryn: Oh, Anyanka. I'm sorry. You let him domesticate you. When you were a vengeance demon you were powerful, at the top of your game. You crushed men like him. It's time you got back to what you do best, don't you think?

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