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Giles Unconscious  

Ever wonder exactly how many times Giles has been rendered unconscious? Well wonder no more! Here is a list.

1. The Witch - Catherine pushes a table against him

2. NKABOTFD - Andrew, the vampire, throws him into the crematory controls

3. The Pack - The evil zookeeper hits him in the gut with his staff and again on the back

4. Prophecy Girl - Buffy punches him

5. When She Was Bad - Vampires

6. Inca Mummy Girl - Ampata strangles him and then tosses him into the coffin

7. Bad Eggs - After killing the Bezoar, everyone is unconscious

8. Passion - After going after Angelus for killing Jenny, he's unconscious for a few moments.

9. Becoming Part 1 - Dru's gang knocks him out (Thanks Sylvain!)

10. Beauty and the Beasts - Buffy accidentally shoots him with a tranquilizer gun

11. Homecoming - Candy and Lyle Gorch knock him out

12. Revelations - Gwendolyn hits him over the head

13. Gingerbread - MOO uses chloroform

14. Pangs - ??? Did the warrior knock him out after hitting his head repeatedly against the wall? Cause, I couldn't tell.

15. Doomed - Well, those demons whaled on him pretty good. Might have been knocked out.

16. Buffy Vs. Dracula - Giles falls through the door and is knocked unconscious until Dracula's "ladies" awaken him. (submitted by Faye/FaerieVamp2006)

17. Flooded - When the M'Fashnik Demon knocked him out: "Well; now I know I'm back in America as I've been knocked unconscious."

18. Tabula Rasa - Giles and the rest of the gang are knocked out by Willow's spell. (Thanks, Lauren - how could I have forgotten this one??)

19. Grave - Giles passes out after his magical battle with Dark Willow. (Thanks, Robin! Again, how could I have missed this one?!)


Have we missed an "outing"? Please let me know.

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