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Angel: All I care about now is getting my son back. Then I'll deal with those responsible. They'll all pay. Including Wesley.

Linwood: Still, big win for Holtz.
Lilah: If you call jumping into a cesspool hell dimension a win.

Angel: What about the files?
Gunn: They're in English... Cordelia's filing system isn't.

Angel: I know she was keeping some kind of list of time/space shifting entities.
Gunn: Okay. So's that under "time" "space" "shifting" or "entities?"
Angel: Let's check all of it.

Lorne: Angel... who is that?
Linwood: Linwood Murrow. Division president of Special Projects for Wolfram and Hart. And you are?
Lorne: Deeply troubled.

Lorne: Angel, this isn't some slimy demon you've got trussed up here -- he's a human. Marginally, but still.

Angel: A demon named Sahjhan has taken my son.
Girl: Ahhhh, does he want his little baby back?

Lilah: There is no other way.
Lorne: I think not speaking would be a really good look for you.

Fred: Angel, the prophecy --
Angel: It's a lie. I'd never hurt Connor.
Fred: How can you know that for sure?
Angel: I'd never hurt someone I care about. Now move.

Angel: I'm not your boyfriend. Find somebody else to smack you around.

Gunn: Stay down.
Justine: Um, no.

Sahjhan: Really? You and me, buddy cop summer release? We iron out our wacky differences and bond? Don't think so.

Sahjhan: No, that, I'm telling the truth about. Whole universe could go kaplooie. Bad for me, bad for America

Gunn: You wrote the prophecies.
Sahjhan: More a re-write.
Fred: "The father will kill the son."
Sahjhan: Yeah. I flitted back and forth in time, changed the one that threatened me, polished some others. Flitted in a manly way. Just so we're clear.

Sahjhan: Boy, can't put one over on you, can you? Oh wait, already did. It's pretty freaky the first time you see your name in a true prophecy, all carved in blood on an official scroll. "The one sired by the vampire with a soul shall grow to manhood and kill Sahjhan." Me.
Fred: So you planted false prophecies. That Angel would kill his son... and Wesley believed them.
Sahjhan: Thank God he had some spine. Holtz was useless.

Sahjhan: Do I look like I need more skin problems?

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