Laugh Lines, Love Lines


Darla: But we...
Angel: Yes...
Darla: ...and you...
Angel: I know...
Darla: Then I...
Angel: Three times...
Darla: You're not evil?

Darla: Well, I don't accept this. You cannot tell me that wasn't perfect. Not only have I been around for four hundred years, I used to do this professionally and that was perfect!

Host: Between you and me -- if it'd taken you much longer to hit your bottom, I was gonna kick it.

Host: What's not to understand? You think you're the first guy who ever rolled over, saw what was lyin' next to him, and went -- "Gueeeyah!" You're not. Believe me.

Host: I think I speak for everyone when I say -- if all you're going to do is switch back to brood mode, we'd rather have you evil. Because then, at least -- leather pants.

Wesley: Angel --
Angel: Invite me in.
Wesley: What?
Angel: I've never been here before, Wesley! You have to invite me in!
Wesley: That's true, you haven't...Well. Perhaps if you'd shown more interest --
Angel: Wesley!
Wesley: Yes! No! Absolutely! I invite you in! In I invite you!

Angel: I know how to get to your offices, Wesley.
Wesley: Oh, of course. You did pop by. Stole a book.

Wesley: In any event. I diagnosed the girl's condition as infection by a Skilosh.
Angel: With your books?
Wesley: Yessss...
Angel: You were always so good with those books. Made it look easy. It's not.

Wesley: You don't know her at all. For months now you haven't cared to. Otherwise you might have realized that our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl. She is not the vain and carefree creature she once was. Well... certainly not carefree.

Wesley: You'd have known that if you hadn't had your head firmly up your... place that isn't on top of your neck.

Angel: We have to find her.
Wesley: We agree. She could be in grave danger.
Angel: And even if she's not.

Angel: You, uh... you guys have bonded, I see.
Gunn: Happens when you fight shoulder-to-shoulder.

Gunn: So what's he doin' here?
Angel: I went to the Host at Caritas. He said my friends were in danger.
Gunn: So what's he doin' here?
Wesley: He had an "epiphany."

Gunn: You check her pad?
Angel: I stopped there earlier.
Gunn: You enjoying your visit to 1973? I meant her message pad.
Angel: Oh. Right. That's a good idea.

Angel: Here. Use this. You can make a rubbing of the impressions she left, see what the last thing was that she wrote --
Gunn: Or we could just read the carbon --
Angel: Or you could do that.

Angel: Guys, guys -- does it make sense that she would go there in the middle of the night without calling either one of you?
Both: They owed us money --
Angel: Let's go --

Gunn: So -- you had an "epiphany," didja?
Angel: Yeah.
Gunn: So, what, you just wake up and -- bang?
Angel: Sort of the other way around.

Gunn: No? You don't think so. Hmmm. Well I hope you don't go havin' another one before we get to Cordelia. I mean -- something happens to her, something bad? I might just have me an epiphany.

Angel: Hi.
Cordelia: Hi.
Angel: You okay?
Cordelia: No.
Angel: You're not?
Cordelia: No. You really hurt my feelings.

Kate: Yikes. Sounds like you had an epiphany.
Angel: I keep saying that. No one listens.

Kate: I'm okay. Anyway, I'm not... headed for another pillathon. I'm... grateful. I never thought you'd come for me. But I got cut a huge break, and I believe... I don't know what I believe, but I... have faith. I think maybe we're not alone in this.
Angel: Why?
Kate: Because I never invited you in.

Angel: It's okay, Wesley. I don't want you to come back to work for me.
Wesley: Oh. I see.
Angel: I want to work for you.

Cordelia: The usual Big Scary. Rising up in a housing project in Topanga. And... why is it I'm not on the floor this time?
Angel: I've got you.

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