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Buffy and Angel Relationship Timeline  

Ever get confused about whether or not Angel and Buffy are seeing each other? Aren't seeing each other? Are just friends? Well, I was veryyy confused during Season 3... probably because I watched the episodes out of order... In any case, here is a comprehensive look at that wacky love thang between Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel, the Vampire.

Welcome to the Hellmouth
- Buffy and Angel meet, he gives her the necklace.
- "I really didn't like him," she says.

The Harvest
- Buffy learns Angel's name: "Angel. It's a pretty name"

Teacher's Pet
- Angel gives Buffy his jacket, "Oh boy"

Never Kill a Boy on The First Date
- Angel looks jealous over Owen

- First kiss
- Buffy learns of Angel's past
- They decide to stay away from each other

Out of Mind, Out of Sight
- Giles meets Angel
- Angel says it's too hard for him to be around Buffy
- Giles makes an interesting point "poetic in a maudlin sort of way"

Prophecy Girl
- Angel admits that he has feelings for Buffy - sort of "Do you think I could stand it?"

When She Was Bad
- Buffy gives attitude to Angel
- Angel says he missed her
- She dances sexy with Xander to make Angel jealous
- Angel hugs her after she cremates the Master's bones

Some Assembly Required
- Buffy accuses Angel of being jealous
- "Love makes you do the wacky"
- Angel admits being jealous: "crazy like a 241 year old being jealous of a high school junior?"

School Hard
- Buffy questions Angel's dating patterns: "you don't know what it means when a girl says she'll show?"

Reptile Boy
- Buffy and Angel argue about dating
- "When you kiss me I want to die"
- Angel asks Buffy to get some coffee with him sometime

- Buffy and Angel have an aborted date at the Bronze
- Buffy and Angel smoochies at end

Lie To Me
- Buffy admits that she loves Angel
- Buffy learns of Angel's past with Drusilla
- Angel admits to Willow that he cares about Buffy
- "Really honed my brooding skills, then she came along"

What's My Line, Part 1
- Angel and Buffy go ice skating
- Buffy refers to Angel as her boyfriend
- Angel and Buffy kiss when he has his game face on

What's My Line, Part 2
- Buffy refers to Angel again as her boyfriend

- Smoochies

Bad Eggs
- major smoochies

- even more smoochies
- Angel finally and for the first time says he loves her
- Angel gives her the Claddagh ring
- Buffy and Angel sleep together!

- Angel turns into Angelus

Becoming Part 2
- Angel returns
- Buffy kisses him and says she love him and then she sticks the sword in his gut
- Angel says he loves Buffy, for the second time

Faith, Hope and Trick
- Buffy puts the ring Angel gave her on the floor of his mansion
- Angel drops back into Sunnydale, naked

Beauty and the Beasts
- Angel attacks Buffy
- Buffy chains him up
- Angel comes to Buffy's rescue
- Angel says her name and drops to his knees in front of her, hugging her

- Buffy brings Angel blood, tells him that she isn't going to tell anyone
- Angel looks like he remembers what he did to Giles
- Buffy tells him that she is seeing someone

Band Candy
- Buffy brings Angel more blood
- He tells her to be careful, that he worries, she says she worries about him
- He says he's getting better and she says that she won't need to help him anymore, he says that that would be better too

- Buffy and Angel working out; almost kiss
- Buffy leaves, but returns and they kiss again

Lovers Walk
- Buffy and Angel say, repeatedly, that they are just friends
- Buffy tells Angel that she "can fool Giles and her friends but she can't fool herself, or Spike" they are not friends
- Buffy asks Angel to tell her he doesn't love her...he doesn't say anything

- Angel is haunted
- Buffy and Angel dream about making love to each other
- Angel goes to Buffy's and, after fighting the ghost, jumps out her window
- Angel decides to kill himself rather than hurting Buffy
- Buffy tries to stop him
- Snow begins to fall, stopping Angel from killing himself and they walk down the street together holding hands

- Angel comforts Buffy in the park where the kids were found

- Angel tells Buffy that he loved her before she became the Slayer
- He also tells her that he saw her before she was the Slayer

The Zeppo
- Buffy and Angel argue about the demons
- Say they love each other

Bad Girls
- Buffy jumps Angel at Bronze
- Buffy saves Angel from big fat guy

- Angel fakes being Angelus
- Kissing at beginning
- Went on a date to the movies
- Angel shows Buffy that he's okay when he's around her "it's nice to just feel"
- Buffy asks Angel for a break between the two of them
- Angel asks if she is still his girl; she, duh, says always.

- Yes! The missing link!!!! I knew it was around somewhere.
- Angel follows Buffy
- Angel tells Buffy he'll love her even if she is covered in slime.
- He tells her about how he felt with Faith. They get cuddly. Sort of.
- And, what I feel is the clincher, he rips out a demon's heart and feeds it to her.
(Awww, love. Beautiful, n'est ce pas?)

- Angel and Buffy patrolling
- Buffy questions their future
- Angel mentions a big nest on the beach that he took her to
- Angel and Buffy ignore what the Mayor said and insist that they will be fine

The Prom
- Angel and Buffy fall asleep after patrolling
- Buffy mentions prom and how other girls have older boyfriends
- Angel agrees with Joyce that he has to leave Sunnydale
- Angel and Buffy breakup
- Angel arrives at Prom and dances with Buffy

Graduation Day, Part 1
- Buffy and Angel argue in street about how he disappeared after the prom
- Angel gets shot with poisonous arrow
- Buffy "I'm talking about watching my lover die!"

Graduation Day, Part 2
- Angel tells Willow that he was wrong and that they should be together (him and Buffy)
- Angel drinks from Buffy
- Angel protects Buffy from nutty mayor
- Angel tells Buffy that he won't say goodbye
- Angel and Buffy stare at each other before he walks away into the smoke

The Freshman/City of
- Buffy picks up phone but no one's there
- Angel dials a number and Buffy is on the other end saying hello

Harsh Light of Day/In the Dark
- Buffy sends the Gem of Ammara to Angel
- Angel (it seems to me) wonders why Buffy didn't bring it herself

Pangs/I Will Remember You
- Angel stalks Buffy - deja vu, anyone?
- Since Angel remembers everything, I'm adding the fact that they had crazy naked sex a number of times :-) Although, for Buffy, nada. Dammit.

The Yoko Factor/Sanctuary
- Buffy and Angel have it out in LA
- Angel kicks Riley's butt
- Angel apologizes to Buffy

- Angel returns to Sunnydale to comfort Buffy
- Great kiss here.

The Gift
- Willow goes to LA to tell Angel of Buffy's death

- Angel mourns Buffy

Carpe Noctem
- Willow calls to let Angel know that Buffy is alive

- Angel calls Buffy
- They meet offscreen (somewhere between Sunnydale and LA)

End of Days
- Angel and Buffy make with the smoochies at the end

- Continuation of the smoochies and Buffy says that when she looks into her future, she sees him

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