Laugh Lines, Love Lines

Apocalypse, Nowish (a.k.a. "Rain of Fire")  

Cordelia: Don't worry. I'm not gonna turn into Amnesia Action Figure Cordy again.

Lorne: Snakes? Uh-huh. And they came out of your what? OK, OK, well did they get up there themselves, or is this part of a, you know, a thing. No, I'm not judging. Do we fight snakes?
Angel: Only if they're giant. Or demons. Or giant demons. Are they giant demon snakes?

Lilah: Oh, forget about that evil witch. Let's talk about me. I'm good and pure and science turns me on, and-and one day if I pray hard enough and eat all my vegetables, I just might just have hips.

Angel: You're trying to hide it. I can smell it on you.
Lilah: Chanel?
Angel: Fear.
Lilah: Well, you are very imposing in this light.

Lorne: Well it might take a couple days. You're fifth on the bleeding walls list. You know what, spritz it with a little 409. We'll get back to you.

Angel: You're holding it. We figure out what all this means, then do something large and violent.
Wesley: I see you've given it considerable thought.

Angel: The Eye of Fire.
Wesley: Ancient alchemical symbol for fire.
Angel: And destruction.
Gunn: You had me at fire.

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