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Join the Fanlisting: Step 1

Are you a fan of Jack Bristow? Want to be listed in the fanlisting? If you answered "yes" to both questions, you're practically a member already! All you have to do now is follow the instructions below.

1. You must have a name, a valid email address, and a country.

2. You must include the three items noted in rule one on the form (on the next page). You can specify that your email address be kept private, but please include it.

3. You do not need a website to join.

4. By proceeding, you confirm that you will only use the form to join this fanlisting or to update your info, if you're already a member.

Got all that? Great!

I have read the rules - and am not a spammer. I'm ready to join!

Update Your Info

If the form doesn't seem to be working, you can email your info to admin(AT)neloo.com. Please put "Jack Bristow Fan" in the subject line, so I'll know it isn't spam. (And of course, replace (AT) with the correct symbol.)

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