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Fait Accompli

Episode Summary

Sydney and Renee Rienne acquire an access card belonging to Gordon Dean. At the hospital, Sloane learns that the doctor believes that Nadia is incurable. Sloane confesses to Jack and Sydney that he's been working with Dean. The APO team forms a plan; Sloane tells Dean that he has the access card, and Dean arranges to meet him at a racetrack. Tom and Dixon take out Dean's security team, but interference leaves the agents unable to communicate, and Dean and Sloane get lost in the crowd. When Dean can't contact his people, he pulls a gun on Sloane, forcing him to the stables. Rachel finds them, and she and Dean fight until she drops him with a shovel. In custody, Dean reveals that he, too, is trying to find out who he works for. Declining his offer for a deal, Syd injects Dean with a drug that makes him hallucinate. When she returns to question him, he reveals the location of the server. He also warns her that "they" have plans for her, but before Syd can find out more, Jack reveals that Nadia is awake. Syd rushes to join Sloane at the hospital, but Nadia's cure proves temporary and she has to be sedated again. Sloane knows that Ehrmann**, the mysterious man who approached him, is the one that has Nadia's cure; Ehrmann works with Dean's organization, and he wants Sloane to kill Dean. The APO team learns that the Prophet Five server is rerouted every few days, so they won't have another chance to access it. Tom and Dixon access the current server and send the info to Marshall, who discovers that the sources connected to it are from government organizations around the world. Sloane sneaks in and kills Dean, making it look like a suicide. Later, Sloane meets with Ehrmann who withholds the cure, saying that Sloane's services are needed for a while longer. As a reward for betraying Dean to his superiors, Peyton is given control of his operation.


Professor Troy: You know, uh, I don't want to be presumptive but . . . you married?
Sydney: Newlyweds.

Professor Troy: He must be some guy. You seem really happy.
Sydney (after a pause): He is.

Renee: So, who was that man? Troy.
Sydney: No one. He's from another life.

Doctor: Mr. Sloane, we have kept Nadia in a medically-induced coma for five months now. None of our procedures have shown any promise. When we bring her out, she shows the same violent propensities.

Doctor: At this point, anything that we may try is unlikely to inspire change and may . . . do more harm than good.

Dean: How is she doing today? I feel for you. I can't imagine how hard it must be looking into the face of your own sins.

Jack: Good news. Sydney's mission in Italy was a success.
Sloane: Yes. I already knew that.
Jack: Did you? How?
Sloane: Gordon Dean told me.

Sydney: He suspects it's an access key for a secure network.
Rachel: So, we just have to find out which network. Well, luckily there are only ten billion secure networks in the world.

Sydney: I'll grab my bag. We can head into work.
Rachel: I thought you were taking the day off.
Sydney: I was . . . That was before we had ten billion secure networks to analyze.

Rachel: First let's set up the crib, and then, at least that way we'll know we got something accomplished today.
Sydney: It's okay. I'll do it later.

Sydney: I used to think that stuff would be so fun, decorating a room and . . . picking out colors . . . Hasn't turned out exactly the way I thought it would.

Jack: Nadia hasn't made any improvements; why admit this to us now? What's changed?
Sloane: Nadia won't be getting better, Jack . . . If I have to face a life without my daughter, I still have to live with myself. It sounds hollow, I know, in light of what I just told you . . . I consider you both to be my family.
Sydney: You expect us to forgive you now?
Sloane: Oh, no, Sydney. Not at all.

"Um, sorry, is anybody else having deja vu here? I mean, first Sloane was good, then he's bad, now he's good again? Although I guess he was bad at first, I just thought--" Marshall, as confused as the rest of us

Tom: Hey, base. You got a visual?
Marshall: Affirmative, Sidewinder.
Tom: Good, 'cuz, uh . . . I was wondering, what do you think of this suit? Pretty sweet, huh.
Marshall: Yeah, it's a- it's a nice suit on you. Blue is a good color.
[Marshall turns to Jack.]
Marshall: And, for you as well ...
Jack (dismissively): Thanks.

[Dean sees Rachel looking at the gun on the ground.]
Dean: You gonna fight me? Why do you think we never put you in the field? Because we knew you weren't equipped.
Rachel: Well, then . . . that was your loss.

Sydney (on comms): What's he doing?
Rachel: Eating dirt. I just hit him with a shovel.
Sydney: A shovel? Is he conscious?
Rachel: Yeah, I think so.
Sydney: Then hit him again.

Sydney: We got Dean.
Renee: That's good. What happens now?
Sydney: He tells us everything, and we get the truth about Prophet Five.

Dean: The ironic thing is, Miss Bristow, you and I may not share the same agenda, but we have the same goal. I want to know who I'm working for as much as you do. Unfortunately for both of us, you robbed me of the opportunity.

Sydney: You were making a power play.
Dean: The people I answer to? Their power stems from remaining anonymous. I was hoping to balance the playing field.

"Of course, he's not gonna see any dancing bears on this trip, I promise you that . . . Not that I . . . I mean, I heard . . . about it from a guy once . . . I've never . . ." Marshall, protesting a bit too much?

Marshall: Of course, you know, if you'd like, I could facilitate the process.
Jack: Let's do that.
[Marshall turns on freaky music.]
Jack: I see you've done this before.

Ehrmann: We need you to eliminate him.
Sloane: Eliminate him.
Ehrmann: Yes. And we have every confidence that you will be able to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.
Sloane: I see . . . You can go to hell. I've already confessed my bargain with Mr. Dean. You people no longer have any power over me.
Ehrmann: That may be . . . But we do still have plenty to offer.

"Maybe Twisted Sister wasn't the way to go." Marshall, realizing he overdid it

Marshall: He is hallucinating hard . . . Whatever he's seeing, it's scaring him to death. Literally.

Dean: They insisted.
Sydney: You didn't want to do what?
Dean: They insisted. Kill Michael Vaughn. I can help you defeat them, but you have to hurry. They have plans for you.

Sydney: Marshall counted twelve sources that make up Prophet Five. Twelve, Dad. It's like the Alliance all over again.
Jack: I know.
Sydney: If they are embedded inside global government, where do we even start?
Jack: We've already started.

Ehrmann: Job well done, Mr. Sloane. I'm so glad you took our offer.
Sloane: I didn't have much of a choice, did I.
Ehrmann: There's always a choice.

Ehrmann: There are a few more things we need you to do for us.
Sloane: We have a deal.
Ehrmann: No. We have an arrangement, which you don't seem to understand very well.
Sloane: You son of a bitch.
Ehrmann: I'll be in touch. Til then, I want you to remember one thing: you have something now that you didn't have this morning.
Sloane: What's that?
Ehrmann: Hope.

Sydney: Have you ever actually built anything before?
Jack: Yes, in fact. I built your crib.
Sydney: Really.
Jack: Well, your mother and I did it together . . .

"Get me the screwdriver." Jack, after the crib he so proudly finished won't fit through the door


by Abbie, abbs006[AT]mail.com

This episode moved fast but nothing really happened. The characters kinda remained stagnant in this episode; Nadia woke up but didn't and as Marshall said 'Sloane was good, then bad, then good but not really, he was bad from the beginning." I think the Alias team is just waiting for Sydney/JG to have her baby so they can move forward. Once the 'coming of Rambaldi' is born, this series will go into light speed and the truth that 'takes time' will be exposed.

I LOVE the fact that Gordon Dean may have been working for the good side (French CIA) in order to take down APO for working with Sloane and involving themselves in Rambaldi. I am speculating here but has anyone read my spec yet? It intro's the idea that people hate the Bristow team because of their continued involvement with Sloane and that they may actually be causing more harm than good. Could this be true? And Sloane is constantly fighting his obsession to release Rambaldi. He wants his daughter to wake up but then when she does and he realizes she's been toyed with and he's been teased he goes after the people because they mostly likely used the power of Rambaldi to do it all. Why Syd and Jack are so naïve is the question. I want them to be in control but they just aren't. Could they just be buying time as well? Syd said it again in this episode "Well I guess I will see you tomorrow." She said that last episode when Rachel said she wished she could have met Vaughn and she said it to Jack after they just uncovered something that looks like there might be another alliance forming. Could Vaughn be hiding from this alliance but also working behind the scenes? Maybe with Weiss? Syd and Weiss had a very dull good-bye, just as her reaction to Vaughn's death was too. So could the twist be that these weren't good-byes but painful moments of acceptance on what their latest operation must entail? Tomorrow brings another step forward in their operation and it's only a matter of time until their endgame is brought to light.

Marshall was, again, hilarious and the man to save the day. He broke down Dean to his most pathetic point and in doing so we all held our breath as we realized he was trying to stop the evil. But as much as that's a great concept in that Syd and Jack are clueless that Sloane murdered him while saying 'so help me God", it stops the progression. It makes us as an audience say to ourselves, 'here we go again.' And what is Dixon up to? He's so behind the scenes. He and Marshall should see all this from a mile away as well. So something's up and we're just going to have to hang in there 'til March when the baby will be delivered and the show runs its home stretch.

But SARK IS ON HIS WAY BACK! Every time he's involved with the plot the truth comes out and the heart beats again. Something big is going to happen and Rachel will be in the middle. She's infiltrated APO just in time for Sark to return. Anyone else think that's, in the least, a tad bit coincidental? And what about Lauren's mother? Where'd she run off to? She could be part of the team who ordered Vaughn's death! After all, he did kill her daughter. Can't wait to see what Sark stirs up and what he reveals. It would be awesome to see he and Sydney teaming up though; I can't see the reason behind it all but I can't forget that she let him escape during mid season 4 either.

So, all in all, I enjoyed the show but I want answers and this one just didn't provide any. It almost felt like a rehash of season 3 again, with Peyton double-crossing and being the little woman in power and Sloane losing his head again, but the title offers some hope. It fundamentally could mean that fate centers around an accomplice. There are many accompli; Sloane, Dean, Rachel and even Syd. Oh, and come to think of it, has fate brought back Syd's professor for a reason? That would be far fetched but he was instrumental in keeping Sydney on track in the first two seasons. He kept her "soul" alive in between writing papers and being a spy. So we'll see.

I give this show a 3 out of 5 because I expect more and want to leave room for the brilliance that lies ahead. They did move the show to the death slot of Wednesday night at 10pm so it' looks like this is the final season. It is due and definitely on course to finally allow Sydney to live the life she's always wanted. Here's hoping.


by Anne

Sloane is the new Jack. At SD-6, Sloane used Sydney to keep Jack in line, and Jack did several "questionable" things to protect her during their time as double agents. In a step beyond that, Nadia's condition is more serious than Sydney's was, and it's Sloane's fault, so of course he feels an urgency to help her. Jack understood Sloane's mindset when he argued for Sloane's return to APO. Jack may have even considered that the bad guys might try to use Nadia to control Sloane, but he probably wouldn't have believed that they could provide an actual cure. After such an effective demonstration, the bad guys definitely have Sloane's attention.

Gordon Dean, however, was never the new Sloane. This was most visible in their scenes together, where Dean's attempts at flaunting the power he thought he had over Sloane reeked of desperation. Dean's misconception of his own power proved to be his undoing; he completely underestimated Rachel and she bested him. In captivity, he tried to bargain with both Sydney and Sloane, but his demands exceeded what he had to offer. Apart from the support of his organization, Dean was a pitiful little man. On the other hand, even without SD-6, the Alliance, or APO, Sloane remains a force to be reckoned with.

We could have guessed that Sloane would ultimately kill Dean, but I wouldn't have thought it would happen so soon. The way it happened, Sloane remained true to his character; although furious with Dean for trying to control him, I don't think Sloane would've ended his life simply out of revenge.

Since Sloane is Jack, Jack is the new Dixon, forced to spend time in the office directing people and being the straight man to Marshall's jokes. I miss seeing Jack in action, but I suppose his current role is for the best. One father on the edge is more than enough.


* Several websites concur that the literal meaning of fait accompli is "accomplished fact." Another translation is "a done deal," something that has already happened - or is about to happen - and nobody can do anything about it.

* From the way the guy with the statue was so calm, we knew that he possessed wicked fighting skills. It's nice to see a fight that's evenly-matched for a change.

* Dean taunted Sloane about facing his sins little knowing that he'd be forced to do the same when confronted by Rachel and again during his hallucinations.

* Sloane should have known that the bad guys wouldn't come through with the cure for Nadia so soon. If Nadia gets better, the baddies lose their hold on Sloane.

* It's hard to believe that a brilliant guy like Jack has trouble assembling anything, but perhaps it's the personal connection - to the baby, his grandchild - that makes him nervous.

** I never heard this name mentioned; I got it from ABC's Alias recap.

* Thanks to Becca for sending this: According to the official Alias website one of Balthazar Getty's (Thomas Grace) film credits is "Fait Accompli opposite Rosanna Arquette and Michael Madsen".

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