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The APO team targets a Monte Carlo casino, where Sydney drives away with a laptop computer belonging to Gordon Dean. However, Syd's car is picked up near the docks by a large crane. Dean calls Syd, demanding that Mockingbird be returned to him. The back story reveals that three days before, Rachel continues to write a statement detailing Dean's organization; Rachel's call sign was Mockingbird. She tells the others about a certain bank account in the Cayman Islands, but she insists that they cannot access it. Hoping to track Dean through his finances as he tries to regroup, Syd and a very nervous Rachel return to the Prague office that Dean blew up; they find a hard drive containing the info needed to access the account. Upon finding that the account has been depleted, Dean realizes that Rachel is still alive. Back to the present, Dean reveals that the laptop is a fake. Syd says that Rachel is in a safehouse in Philadelphia. Dean wants Rachel to call as proof. Rachel is actually in the trunk of Syd's car, having helped with the mission at the casino. Rachel doesn't want to call Dean because she's a terrible liar, but Syd coaches her through. Unfortunately, a ship's horn sounds during the call, and Dean realizes that Rachel is with Syd. As he moves to drop the car, Rachel crawls out of the trunk; Syd knocks out the sunroof and grabs onto the magnet with a device she used at the casino, and she and Rachel hang on as the car falls. On the flight home, Rachel realizes that she's not going home any time soon. Meanwhile, Sloane appears before a prosecutor, who will make a recommendation to the Justice Department regarding Sloane's pardon. After the prosecutor blasts Sloane for his past crimes, Jack believes that the committee will rule against him. Sloane is approached by a man named Keach with an offer to help sway the panel's decision. The next day, Jack is stunned when the verdict is read: Sloane is exonerated and released.


Dixon (playing his part): This is disgusting.
Sydney: Can I help you with something, Frenchman?
Dixon: You're pregnant. You should not be in a casino. You should be at home.
Sydney (to her belly): You feel at home, Baby?
[She looks at Dixon.]
Sydney: We feel at home. Thank you.

"This table's gone cold." Syd, pretending to hurry away after cheating at the casino

Casino Security: A pregnant woman using her own baby to escape suspicion? I don't know how you live with yourself.
Sydney: What can I say, sir? [Her tone changes to serious.] I'm not like other moms.

Sydney: This is Phoenix. We have the Archive.
Jack: Any complications?
Sydney: Well, I think I lost us about nine hundred thousand dollars, depending on the exchange rate.

Sydney: I know what you're going through. You need to give yourself time--
Rachel: It can't wait . . . I'm held together by a string right now, Miss Bristow. A week ago . . . I had a good job working for the CIA. Now, I have the truth.

Sydney: Your boss. Gordon Dean. He killed them. Not you.
Rachel: It doesn't change the fact that every time I close my eyes, I see their faces. So I need to give you everything I have, right now. Because the sooner I'm finished, the sooner this is over.

Dean: You'll have our full resources at your disposal.
Keach (looking around): You have resources?
Dean: Don't let the appearance fool you. We're in the midst of a relocation.

Dean: Where do we stand on the satellite offices?
Peyton: Cleveland, Seattle, Chicago - they've all been abandoned. We beat the CIA by about an hour at the St. Louis office.
Dean: They find anything?
Peyton: Just extension cords and surge protectors.

Peyton: God, you're paranoid.
Dean: That's why I'm still alive.

Marshall: I'm a bit of a master tracker myself. I'm kind of like a Comanche Indian . . . [Jack looks blankly at him.] . . . Uh . . . Comanche Indian who tracks data . . .

Sloane: As for whether the pardon itself was justified, I suppose that's a question for the Justice Department.
Prosecutor: Perhaps. But since I have you in front of me right now? Why don't we see if we can suss it out.

Dixon: He'll escort us from the beach. Helps keep the bank's location secret.
Grace: If he tries to blindfold us, he may have a problem: I'm not in the mood for blindfolds today.
Dixon: Noted.

Rachel: There's a reason I wanted to work at a desk. I don't like pressure - or death, for that matter.

Sydney: I have to do unpleasant tasks all the time, and the best way to do it is to become someone else.

The select blood runs through-
-Roquet's heart.

The future's history is written in-
-the ink of the past.

What the mirror reflects-
-lives eternal.

If there was never a one, there was ever-
-the twelve.**

Prosecutor: Four months ago, you betrayed your agency and participated in a conspiracy that caused the deaths of thousands of people in Sovogda. How exactly is that atoning for your sins?
Sloane: I did not betray my agency. I was forced to go undercover to establish credentials with Elena Derevko, and you should have in front of you corresponding statements from the agents involved.
Prosecutor: Yes, I have the statements. Your colleagues seem to have bought your hollow justifications, but I find your actions fit a pattern of criminal behavior you have demonstrated your entire life. Time and again you explain away your crimes as some sort of necessary evil; I find it shocking people continue to believe your lies.

Sloane: Thank you for getting Sydney and Marcus to write statements on my behalf. I'm sure that must have been very difficult.
Jack: They volunteered. I didn't have to ask.

Sloane: I want to give you power of attorney over Nadia.
Jack: Of course.
Sloane: Promise me you'll do everything you can to save her, Jack . . . as if she were your own daughter.
Jack: You have my word.

Keach: I work for some very powerful people. My benefactors may be able to help sway the decision tomorrow.
Sloane: I see. And I suppose that these benefactors of yours want something in return for their help.
Keach: They would at that ...

Sydney: Marshall, you're not supposed to hit seven.
Marshall: No, no . . . it's . . . You're supposed to hit seven, right? I mean . . . see? Winner! Seven!
Dixon: You've got it backward. She's right.
[Marshall sulks a bit as he takes his dice and hurries away to fix them.]

Rachel: I'll go . . . I- I'll do it.
Sydney: That's okay.
Rachel: No, I- I mean, I want to . . . I had to dig through my friends yesterday, because of Gordon Dean. If I can help you stop him, then that's what I need to do . . . There's not a whole lot that'll scare me. Not anymore.

Grace: They're ready for us. We got to go.
Rachel: Do you want to come over here and do the advanced binomial calculus? Because I'd be more than happy to stand there and watch.
Grace (to Syd, on comms): Sidewinder's gonna need a little more time.

Sydney: Rachel, how are you doing?
Rachel: I've been better. How are you?
Sydney: Oh, you know. Just another day at the office.

Rachel (nervously): How high up are we?
Sydney: Oh, just . . . couple hundred feet. Don't worry. I've been in much worse situations than this.
Rachel: Really?
Sydney: I need to call my dad.
[Back at the CIA building]
Jack: Don't worry Syd, we'll get you down.
Sydney: You better.
Thanks to Derald for adding the last five lines!

Sydney: Do you see anything useful back there?
Rachel: Well there is a tire, and a crowbar, and I have my purse. Are any of those things useful?
Sydney: Not really . . .
Again, thanks to Derald for sending this one!

Sydney: You have to become the person you used to be; all you have to do is act helpless and scared.
Rachel: I am scared!
Sydney: Yeah, but you're not helpless. Not anymore.

Sydney: I've spent my life dealing with men like Gordon Dean, and they all have a fatal flaw. They always want power. So you just fool 'em into thinking they have it, and you hit 'em when they're not looking.

Rachel: How can you people sleep after something like this?
Sydney: You just learn to take it where you can get it, I guess.

Sydney: Dean knows how dangerous you are to him. We can't release you until we've brought him in.
Rachel: But it doesn't end with Dean.
Sydney: No, it doesn't.
Rachel: It's never gonna be safe.
Sydney: I guess we'll have to bring 'em all down.


For a guy like Gordon Dean, we should have known that he's not going to use his pet's name as one of the security questions to access his account. But the questions - statements, really - that he chose were certainly cryptic. Since Syd even commented on them, I like to think that the writers are good enough to make them have some sort of meaning; "the ink of the past" could refer to prophetic texts, and "the twelve" might mean The Alliance. Then again, if the questions revealed something about Dean's agenda, would he have listed them all in such a potentially public place? Since he thought it was impossible for anyone to get past them, he just might have.

As Syd pointed out, Dean wants power, and as we saw here, overestimating his own influence did indeed prove to be a fatal flaw. Dean didn't know that he actually had the very thing he sought, and playing along bought Syd and Rachel enough time to escape. Still, Dean was cautious enough to avoid having any of his people on the ground; he couldn't take the chance that another one would be taken into CIA custody.

Those of us watching knew that Rachel would be with APO for quite a while, but it makes sense that, after the upheaval in her life, she would hope to leave all of that behind her. Now that Dean knows she's alive, I recall how Curtis killed himself after saying that they couldn't protect him. Ever the suspicious one, it occurs to me that "Mockingbird" seems like the perfect name for a double agent, but I really hope that Rachel is not secretly still working for Dean. Sure, that would be a shocking twist, but it would reduce all of her struggles so far to merely another deception.

On the other hand, although Sloane's past can always lead to questions about his present motives, his recent behavior supports his claim of being reformed by the discovery that he has a daughter. Jack said that Dixon and Sydney volunteered to write statements on Sloane's behalf; that speaks volumes about the notable transformation in his character. We didn't see Sloane accept the guy's offer, but if he did, we can be (fairly) certain that he was prompted by his belief that only he can help Nadia. In forcing Sloane's hand by the threat of imprisonment, the prosecutor may have driven Sloane to become the monster he thought he was.


* The morphing background scenes as Rachel walked through the wreckage were awesome, IMHO.

* Rachel probably doesn't realize that Peyton is alive - and evil.

* "Don't let the appearance fool you" could be an Alias motto.

* I wondered if the car scene was conceived (pardon the pun) before Jennifer's pregnancy, and Syd was originally the one in the trunk.

** If I misquoted any of the protocol statements, please let me know.

* In response to my review, Stephen suggested that "mockingbird might be some sort of reference to the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' where mockingbirds were people who never hurt anyone."

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