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The Frame

Episode Summary

While searching for the key to open the Rambaldi box, the CIA learns that the box contains a bio-weapon known as The Passenger. They also learn that Covenant kingpin Abasi Bomani has acquired the map to the location of the key. While dining with Lauren, Vaughn suddenly declares that he wants to separate. Lauren storms away and phones Sark, who suggests that she murder her father, so that Vaughn will return to her out of compassion. At the CIA, Jack accesses information about recent Lauren's travel plans, which coincide with known Covenant activity. Jack goes to Lauren's father - Senator Reed - with his findings. Senator Reed is furious and declares that his daughter is a patriot. Vaughn, Syd, and Weiss find Bomani and retrieve the map, but Marshall is unable to interpret it. The agents visit Sloane who is still imprisoned by the CIA. He tells them to look underwater, and soon the location is found. Syd and Vaughn dive to it, but unfortunately, Bomani arrives soon after and escapes with the keys to the box. Lauren discovers that Jack accessed her files; she calls Sark and again he suggests that she kill her father. Reluctantly, Lauren agrees. She goes to visit her father, who is now convinced of her guilt. He suggests that he help her by saying that she was following orders from him. She points her gun at him, saying that only solves one of her problems. Lauren seems torn over what to do as Olivia, Lauren's mother enters the room. Olivia crosses the room and takes the gun from Lauren - and shoots the Senator! Olivia tells Lauren, "Sark said you might back out." During the investigation, Olivia makes it appear that Mr. Reed felt guilty about working for The Covenant, and his death is ruled a suicide. On the flight home, Vaughn tells Syd that he'll be staying with Weiss, and he asks Syd out to coffee. However, they return to the CIA to find everyone comforting Lauren, and Vaughn rushes to hug her. Later he calls Syd, who cries and hurriedly hangs up after learning that Vaughn is home with Lauren. Although Sloane is no longer suspected of being the mole, evidence found in Senator Reed's records show that Sloane provided him with Rambaldi artifacts. Dixon tells Sloane that his pardon has been revoked, and he will be executed in two weeks.


Vaughn: If I need to, can I crash on your couch?
Weiss: Yeah - you just have to wipe off the Cheese Nips.

Sloane: In order to maintain my cover, I had to grant Bomani access to certain Omnifam resources. Check the report, Sydney. I detailed all of this.
Sydney: You're here because you committed treason by spying on your country. I won't put much stock in your reports.

Sloane: You have such a beautiful smile, Sydney. I miss it.
Sydney: If you're executed, I'll be a witness. I'll smile then.

Sark: Have you been made?
Lauren: Of course not. If he knew I was Covenant he would arrest me, not break up with me.

Lauren: My access extends beyond my husband.
Sark: Perhaps, but Vaughn is central to the CIA's efforts regarding The Passenger, so you must do everything possible to keep him close.

Jack: All I have is a paper trail. Not definitive proof but the beginning of what Director Dixon and I believe to be a strong case for the existence of a mole.
Senator Reed: Other than Sloane.
Jack: Or instead of him. At this point, that is unclear.
Senator Reed: Is it that hard to identify a traitor? Honestly, sometimes I think you people just get too close.

Jack: I understand this is difficult.
Senator Reed: No, no, it's not, because there is nothing here. Lauren is a patriot, and I will not allow you to ruin her reputation based on innuendo and supposition!

Dixon: We've looked everywhere on Earth.
Sloane: Really, Marcus? Have you? Or is it simply that you've looked everywhere on land?

Senator Reed: It'd break your mother's heart if she ever found out about this. (He shows her the file Jack gave him.) I know because it broke mine.
Lauren: If it's any consolation, I feel the cause I'm working for is just.

Senator Reed: I could tell the Agency I learned there was a mole in the Rotunda six months ago, and that I've been conducting my own investigation. I'm a Senator on the Intelligence Committee. No one would say a word.
Lauren: You would do that for me?
Senator Reed: Of course I would - I love you.

Bomani (to Sydney): I could never have found this without your help. I thank you for that . . . . You remind me of your mother. I'm sure she would be pleased to know I got the keys from you. After all, the passenger is Irina's legacy.


* Did Lauren say that Sark asked her to kill Lazarey? Because she shot Lazarey in 'Full Disclosure' and two episodes later, Sark approached her, complimenting her acting skills and saying that he didn't know they were working for the same side.

* I've lost count of how many men on this show have been unknowingly married to spies.

* Why didn't Lauren's mom kill her husband in the first place? Or why didn't Sark?

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