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Sydney frantically phones Jack to tell him what happened with Vaughn; she's distraught but Jack assures her they will find him. Simon Walker sells the bio-weapon to Sark before Syd can steal it; Walker later leaves after telling her that he'll call if he has another job for her. Jack goes to Walker, posing as a client so they can take Walker into custody and question him about Julia. However, one of Walker's team learns from Sark that Jack - and Sydney/Julia - are CIA agents. Walker finds out and tries to shoot Jack, but Jack shoots him first. Meanwhile, the CIA learns that The Covenant has used the bio-weapon against a prison, and everyone except one man was killed. The survivor is Abasi Bomani, an arms dealer, and The Covenant extracted him. Lauren and Sydney go to question Sloane, who had provided the intel that lead to Bomani's arrest. However Sloane is abducted by Bomani and Sark on his way into the building. Later Sloane is released; he says that he gave Bomani information about a powerful computer virus. Sloane offers to work as a double agent for the CIA inside the Covenant; Sydney is skeptical but Marshall's lie-detector tests seem to verify Sloane's sincerity. Marshall and Sydney go undercover to render the virus harmless before Bomani can acquire it, and they do so, seconds before Sark and Bomani arrive to obtain the code for the virus.


Sydney: When am I going to see you again? I have so many questions . . .
Walker: 'Bout what?
Sydney: Everything . . .
Walker: Oh, yeah, well, we work well together. And I have your number; there's always going to be another job coming up - I'll call you.

Sydney: A member of Walker's team caught Michael; I still don't know how. Walker ID'd him as CIA --
Lauren: -- and stabbed him and left him for dead. I already know all this. It's in the briefing. Thank you.
Sydney: Lauren, that's not . . . Walker had a gun to Michael's head. He was about to pull the trigger. I took his knife . . . I stabbed him myself.

Lauren: Sloane is attending an NPO conference in Mexico City. I have a briefing scheduled with him the day after tomorrow.
Sydney: I'm still catching up: What did Sloane have to do with this?
Lauren: Sloane gave us the intel that led to Bomani's arrest. The subsequent dismantling of his terror network wasn't simply one of the reasons we agreed to pardon Sloane: it was the predominant reason. He might have a lead.

Lauren: I don't know about you, but I can't work to the best of my abilities while wondering whether or not I'm being polite enough to my husband's ex-girlfriend.
Sydney: You don't need to be polite with me. We're both past formalities.
Lauren: Then I'll be blunt. I want you to request a transfer to another field office.

Sydney: I know we're being blunt, but was that a threat? You don't have the authority to have me transferred.
Lauren: The NSC will support me, when they learn that our working together is compromising their fight against the Covenant.

Sloane (to Bomani): Yes, I turned you in, as you would have done me. Why? To obtain what you now need: legitimacy. In a nutshell, Mr. Bomani, I could help you become more powerful than ever.

Lauren: What I said about requesting you transferred to another field office - it wasn't my place. And it's... it's hard; but I'd really like this to work.
Sydney: I appreciate you saying that.

Sydney: You're telling us you gave this information to a man who is working with the Covenant.
Sloane: That's right. And now I'm giving it to you. So that you can disable it before the Covenant gets it.

Lauren: You've told Bomani you'd work for the Covenant?
Sloane: Yes. And now I'm telling you that I'm in the position to be a double agent. Working for the Covenant but loyal to the CIA . . .What is it, Sydney?
Sydney (in disbelief): This is classic . . .

Marshall: Now as far as our technology can detect - and these are next gen tests, as high-end as it gets - he's not lyin', folks.
Sydney: If there's someone who can fool those tests, it's Sloane.
Marshall: Yeah, well, in theory, yes. But in practice, he'd really have to be using the next gen's next gen lie detector defeating tech, which frankly, even I can't imagine.

Sydney: Okay. Just so someone has said it: in the past two years, Sloane has obtained a pardon based mainly on the capture of a criminal who is now free. In addition, Sloane will be allowed to openly participate in Covenant activities, based on the promise that he will inform us of those activities. One could argue that he's just pulled off the con job of the century.
Lauren: It also appears that Bomani will kill Sloane if we interfere with his plans.
Sydney: And who here would lose sleep over that?


If rule number one of this show is "Never put anything past Alias," rule number two would be "Don't get too attached to secondary characters." Too bad for Simon Walker, but does anyone else feel a surge of pride that Jack is always so ... capable? Jack said earlier this season that every questionable thing he's ever done has been to protect Sydney; I don't know if that's true for *every* thing, but it's certainly true for most of his actions. The scene with Walker reminded me of the scene where Jack shot Haladki: it seems that Jack gets the most angry/murderous when he considers how the person in his company has mistreated Sydney or put her in danger. Unfortunately, Walker's death means they've lost the best link they had to the mystery of Julia.

Speaking of Julia, how did Javier learn that Julia is actually Sydney? Did Javier suspect Julia after learning that the client (i.e. Jack, who told them that he knew Julia) was CIA? Or, did Sark see Sydney with the team when he went to talk to Walker, and - for whatever reason - he just didn't say anything at that time? If the latter was true, that would explain why Sark wanted to move up the meeting to get the weapon from Walker. But then why would Sark nark on her later to Javier? I hope the writers provide the answers to some of these questions, but more than likely any answer will only lead to more questions.

Vaughn's dream that Syd was kissing then stabbing him could have several meanings. For one, it surely means that he wishes Syd really was there when he woke up, telling him how much she missed him. It could also mean that he fears that she stabbed him to get revenge, but that just doesn't seem right. He should know her well enough to trust that she was trying to save him. Maybe he fears what she was during those missing years, now that he knows that she murdered someone.

Is it possible that everyone in the world is under the influence of some Rambaldi device? And perhaps only the Bristows are unaffected? I can't believe how the NSC/CIA/entire world seems to be doing exactly what Sloane wants. I'm sure things are not what they appear, but I'll actually be disappointed if the writers have Sloane telling the truth. That would undermine one of the few constants on this show, which is that Sloane is evil.


* So, what did Bomani cut when he swung that large blade?

* I found it interesting that Javier called Julia an alias; technically it is, but I still think of Julia as a different persona. I think that while Syd was acting as Julia, she believed she was that person, whoever she really is.

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