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Back from the Dead (Chapter 2)
By phoenix shotgun 47 (Kayla)

Summary: Sydney and Jack didn't fake Vaughn's death... but someone did. A decade later, what happens when the truth is revealed. This is my first fic. Please R/R
Author's Notes: I first posted this on fanfiction.net. Thanks so much to my beta Kim.
Disclaimer: Alias does not belong to me. If it did, I wouldn't be here. Alias belongs to J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Productions, etc.

. . .

Chapter Two: Sometimes, The Truth Hurts

Isabelle flung the harsh words at her mother and walked back to her friends.

"Are you ok?" Alicia asked.

"NO! Do I look ok? I've just found out that my mother has lied to me for my entire life. I am not ok!" Isabelle hissed.

Alicia backed away from her in shock. "Look, I realize that your family might have um, issues. Just don't take them out on me."

"I'm sorry." Isabelle said. "This is just way too much to take in."

Massie put a hand on Belle's shoulder. "Personally, if I were you, I'd try to forgive your mother." She put her hand up to silence Isabelle's protests. "Just here me out. It sounds like she was trying to protect you two." She looked over at Carter.

Isabelle glanced at her mother. Sydney was hunched over the container, talking to the man who was apparently her father.

"You don't really expect us to just waltz over there and say, 'We understand that you lied to us for all of our lives, but hey that's ok, we forgive you.' and then start acting like one big happy family." Carter said sarcastically.

"No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying you should maybe think about what they said before you go storming out and get yourself killed." Massie shot back at him.

Carter slumped back against the wall and ran his hands through his hair. Isabelle tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. The siblings talked together quietly for an hour before they had made a decision.

Carter slowly got up and pulled Isabelle to her feet. Together, they walked over to their parents.

Sydney tore her eyes off of Vaughn when Carter and Isabelle took as seat beside her.

"Mom..." Isabelle said quietly.

"Listen Isabelle, your father and I were talking and we know there are a lot of things you don't know. And we will tell you exactly what you deserve to know." Sydney said.

"Thank you." Carter said. His eyes met his father's. "Dad?"

"Carter, Isabelle... I can't tell you how sorry I am that I wasn't there for you... or your mother." Vaughn wheezed. He had a sudden fit of coughing.

"Vaughn? Vaughn, breathe, honey." Sydney said.

Vaughn continued to cough. Soon he was coughing up blood.

"Dad!" Carter yelled. "What's going on?" Isabelle was paralyzed with fear and couldn't move.

"I don't know. Michael? Michael! Help! We need help in here!" Sydney yelled. She pounded on the door. A guard opened the door slowly, his weapon drawn.

"What is going on here?" He asked in a thick Russian accent.

"We need a doctor. He's coughing up blood." Sydney said pointing to Vaughn who was struggling to breath.

"That is your problem not mine." He sneered, slamming the door shut.

"No!" Sydney screamed. She ran back to Vaughn. He had stopped coughing, but the chamber was now a bloody mess. Blood was still pouring from his nose and mouth. "Michael, nod if you can breath." He nodded slowly. "Oh, god. What's going on?"

Irina burst through the door. 2 doctors followed her along with 5 guards. They pushed Sydney, Carter, and Isabelle out of the way while the doctors wheeled Vaughn out.

"Where are you taking him?" Sydney yelled, fighting against the guards.

"Somewhere we can operate." Irina said. "It seems like the treatments backfired."

"What treatments?" Sydney asked. Irina ignored her and walked out.

"DAD!" Isabelle shrieked, finally finding her voice. "DADDY!" One of the guards pushed her down on the ground before they left.

"Belle are you ok?" Sydney said, the tears starting to fall.

"Yeah... but dad..."

"We'll get him back. Don't worry." Carter said.

. . .

"Sir, we've just reviewed the surveillance video of Sydney's house and we found this." Marshall Flinkman said to Jack Bristow, pulling up the footage.

There was a clear image of Sark on the screen, pointing his gun at Isabelle and her friends. Sydney then appeared in the room, followed by Carter and his friends. Then Sark's men entered and bound them all.

"Now, that's all that I was able to recover so far. They did a really good job and erased most of it. I mean really good. Like almost Flinkman good. Almost." he chuckled but stopped when Jack shot him his infamous glare. "Um... right, so the cameras in the front yard weren't working though, so I have no idea what vehicle they're in or where they went." Marshall said.

"Is it possible to retrieve the video?" Jack asked.

"Well, yes, it is. It might take awhile. But yes, I guess it's possible." Marshall said, playing with the pen in his hands. Suddenly, a long thick cord shot out of the pen and landed on Jack's tie. "Oh, sorry, sir. I forgot that this pen had a cable inside it..." Jack attempted to pull it off but failed. "Oh, and it has um, this special adhesive on the end... you won't be able to take it off that easily. I designed it so that you could like shoot at the ceiling and then like, ride up to the top. It's still in the beginning stages but you know, and I've been the only one to test it..." Marshall stopped as Jack shoved his tie into his hands.

"Go work on the video surveillance. That is your number one priority. You can worry about my tie as soon as my daughter and grandchildren are safe." He barked.

Marshall nodded quickly, grabbed his briefcase, and practically ran out of the room.

Jack summoned an emergency meeting.

"We have confirmed that Sydney, Carter, Isabelle, and a few of their friends were abducted by Julian Sark. We're still going over the video feed to try and find out where he took them and why. I want you to investigate every single person we know Sark has had contact with in the last year. If we know his motives or who he's working for, we might have an idea of where he took them."

Rachel, Tom, Dixon, Weiss, and Nadia left the room and headed toward their workstations.

An hour later, Dixon entered the room with a file in his hands. "Sark had been in constant contact with Irina Derevko in the past 7 months. And we've found this picture."

Jack flipped open the file. It was a picture of Irina Derevko with Julian Sark and...

"Lauren Reed?"

"I've had Marshall run it through the face recognition program. It's a 94.7 match." Dixon said.

"Do we have any idea where they've set up their headquarters or what they want?" Jack asked, quickly skimming through the file.

"No, but knowing what we do, it's got to be something about Rambaldi. Specifically, the Horizon." Dixon replied.

"Rambaldi again." Jack muttered, shaking his head. "I want Tom and Rachel to look into Sark's, Irina's, and Lauren's movements during the past 6 months. We might be able to find a pattern. I want you, Nadia, and Weiss to look at old Covenant, Alliance, and Prophet Five headquarters and rendezvous points and see if any have been active." Dixon nodded and headed out of Jack's office.

Jack walked over to his phone. He had an idea of where Irina was. The phone rang 3 times before the man picked up.


"Bill, its Jack. I need a favor."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." The man replied in a thick French accent.

"Bill, this is about Sydney." Jack quickly explained the situation. "Can you look into Irina's old Russian safehouses? She has no idea I know about these, so it would be a logical place for her to go."

"Alright, I will do that." Bill replied.

"Thank you William." Jack before he hung up.

. . .

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