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Beta Needed!

To my loyal readers,

Sorry about the long wait but I'm kinda blocked, and I'm leaving on Monday for the summer and won't be able to update until August when I'll have more access to computers. I'll try to work on some chapters on paper while I'm gone but no guarantees.

What I need is a beta to read what I've got and make suggestions, review new chapters before I post them, and to help move the story along because I get blocked so easily. It should be a person with a fair amount of knowledge of the Alias world. Anyone interested should send me an email before August 2nd with their name (only first), email, and some 'example' of your Alias knowledge. Nothing big maybe one of your own Alias fanfics or if you have an Alias website, I just want to get a feel of how much you know so that you can help with any inconsistencies in my story compared to the show. I'll make a decision by August 3rd and send you an email so we can talk. I may choose more than one person. It'd be helpful if you had access to MSN messenger so we can talk. Thanks for reading my stories!


P.S: I am working on chapter nine and may get it done before I leave!

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