About This Site

This site was created by me, Anne of rusted-crush.com, as a holiday greeting to visitors from the Internet, that -- as the saying goes -- "keeps Christ in Christmas."

The site began at Yahoo's Geocities in October 2001. In the fall of 2002, it jingled all the way here to its current address at neloo dot com.

Though we offer a variety of content, for several years our quotes collection appeared on the first page of Google searches for "Christmas quotes," making it our most visited feature. If that's what brought you here -- or if it isn't! -- welcome. :)

Feedback about the site is always appreciated; read on for contact information as well as (convenient and time-saving!) answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Why did you name the site "The Gift of Christmas"?
In honor of the Original Christmas Gift.

Where do you get the content for this site?

Are you receiving compensation for any endorsements?
No. Any recommendations I make have been influenced solely by my experiences.

Will you advertise my (whatever) on your site?

What happened to the listing of links to other websites?
I lacked the time to keep the list updated and current, and so I removed that section.

May I suggest a website link for you to add?
No, I am not adding any suggested links.

How can I contact you?
I love to receive feedback from visitors about the site. So, to contact me:
(1) Write to me -- with about your Christmas site in the subject line, so I'll know it isn't spam -- at admin|neloo.com - and, of course, replace | with the correct symbol.
(2) Or, reply to any post at RainShine, our companion blog.

I've written to you; why haven't you responded?
When a site visitor takes the time to write to me, I make an effort to write back. If you're waiting on a response from me, note the following:

Thank you for reviewing this information! Now that you know all "about us," check out our full list of site content.


The Gift of Christmas website is a rusted-crush production, with grateful acknowledgment to the sources that have influenced, inspired, or provided some part of this website.