Mary's First Moments

There is little information about Mary the Mother of the Son of God but I cannot help but think that God would have only chosen the the greatest female of all time to be the mother of His son. Mary is described as being exceedingly fair and white, most beautiful and fair above all other virgins. Prophesied of anciently as a chosen vessel her purity extended from the pre-mortal existence into this one. I have often wondered on that Holy night how Mary felt as she held her new born son, The Savior of the world in her arms.


For those first moments as she looks on Him does she feel as does any mother?
Does she gently trace a finger over His beautiful face, as if to seer His features deep into her brain?
Does her heart beat heavily within her chest, so full of love and pride?
Do tears of joy stream down her face as she marvels at such love?
Does she too wonder how one's heart could ache with so much pain when more it seems that such joy is found within this place and time?
Do tears continue down her cheeks as she realizes her humble abode?
Does she too yearn to give to Him more than she had ever known?

As she pulls His hand out from the warmth, does He stir and grasp her finger?
Do His eyes as if knowing look deep within hers and instantly more tears start falling?
Does she wonder if He, as she watches His gaze move to a distant place, is seeing His friends and family from home that He recently good bye to them bade?
Does she softly lean in and whisper to Him,"Who do you see little one?" I wish You could speak for just a moment of all of the wondrous things that you've seen. Who was all there and what did they say? Did they have any message for me?"

Does her heart yearn in some small way wondering if He misses Home? Pulling Him closer does she kiss His face as if to say I am sorry, though You need not to worry for You'll meet again and from then on You'll be rejoicing!
With tears streaming down does she look upon Him and wish that this moment could stay? For here and right now He is safe and sustained she can shelter and care for and feed. But as she looks on to the days that must come does she have fears and anxieties? For when he is grown she can no longer be the shield that she wishes to be.

Does she ask of herself,"Can I teach Him and raise Him and show Him the way?", for there is evil always awaiting.
Do the feelings of fears bring many more tears and do her eyes ache with a low dulling pain?
Does she rock her new baby with a to and fro sway or does she gently pace with a bounce, trying to find just the right way to calm Him and put Him to sleep? As she studies His face does He soon seem to slumber in a peace that only His mother can give?
Does she take pride in the comfort that He finds while bundled all close in her arms?

Does the warm loving feeling over whelm once again as her new born baby lay sleeping?
Does she cradle him close not wanting to miss one simple moment of this beautiful bliss?
Is the bond that is growing and strengthening now, does she yearn to continue to feed it?
Does she silently wonder,"How much does He know, could He possibly feel the love that I've felt?
Does she quietly whisper while cheek to cheek how much stronger her love is right now?

As she snuggles and rocks her new baby boy does she sing Him a soft lullaby?
Does she sing of her love and assure him of all of the good times that surely will come? Of days spent outside and playing with toys and of all the great joys of being alive?

So many great things must have happened that night, a night that many foretold. Angels sang glorious strains from above, announcing to shepherds the birth of our Lord and a new star shone brightly carefully guiding three wise men from afar.

I wonder as she ponders upon all of these marvelous things does she look to the heavens and send up a plea to her new born baby boy's Father," Please help Him be strong and able to learn all that thou needs Him to do. He was sent unto me to come to this Earth to bring unto all men salvation,but just for tonight can this moment be mine to love, to cherish and treasure? For I know that He's Your's and in time must return to rule over every great nation. But for this small moment can His mother I be just loving her newly born son?

It is my Christmas wish that we can all remember the true reason for Christmas. Remember that the Nativity story is not just a story. On that Holy night a beautiful young virgin gave birth to a baby boy that was heralded by angels and found by shepherds lying in a manger. And that baby boy was and is the Savior of the world sent to save us all!


Amber Jensen~
Idaho Falls, ID


* Many thanks to Amber for allowing me to post her poem!